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Why choose Italian academy?


  • Italian Academy offers affordable and effective Italian classes in Toronto and the opportunity of becoming part of the Italian Academy community

  •  less theory more conversation - a teaching method based on practical, interactive and conversational practices.  

  • When you sign up you get free resources - short videos; audio tracks; short stories; exercises and games

  • The opportunity to be invited to social events and a free cooking class 

All our instructors use  Constructivist teaching.  This method is  based on the belief that learning occurs as learners  are actively  involved in a process of meaning and knowledge  construction as opposed  to passively receiving information.

our Italian classes


One-to-one classes at the time that works for you , at any location in Toronto.

Beginners 1&2

NEW Starting date: October 29

Tuesday 6:30PM - 7:30PM

1 free trial lesson +

1 free cooking lesson +

 9 classes 

Bay and Charles, Toronto

Italian Classes Through Games

Starting date July 

Wednesday  6:00PM - 7:30PM

A highly effective class that structures your conversations with cue games that will engage you in real life talks

Suitable for  lower intermediate learners


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Free Events and Discounts

Italian Through Movie Transcripts

Starting date : July 2019

Saturday 4:00PM - 6:00PM

4 class course

University and College, Toronto

Suitable for higher intermediate learners

Italian Classes Through Cooking

Starting date: 2019

 6:00PM -7:30PM

3 class course

Bay and Charles, Toronto,

Suitable for intermediate and higher intermediate learners

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"Italian  Academy is an enriching way to learn Italian. Francesco is an amazing  tutor. He makes it his mission to help you become better in Italian in a  fun, interactive way. I learned a great deal more in under a short  period of time thanks to him." 

Matthew M.

"Fantastic value, and wonderful to skip traffic and log right in to Francesco’s Italian lessons. 

Our group lessons were like dinner party chats with friends - except with homework! :)" 

Mark C.

"I recommend without reservation the learning experience with Francesco at the Italian Academy. He is a patient, skillful and creative instructor who can offer a variety of ways in which to make  Italian lessons both fun and effective."

James M.

I have used Italian Academy for one-on-one Italian lessons for more than a year and I highly recommend it to anyone learning Italian. The explanations and program was tailored as we moved along and it certainly sped up my progress tremendously! We also took their movie classes and loved them as well. Those classes focused on the actual every day spoken language... Highly recommended!

Dmitri M.

About Us

Francesco Fabio Fattorusso


Francesco is an Ontario Certified Teacher . 

He founded Italian Academy in 2018. 

 Italian Academy is the outcome of many years of teaching experience in public and private schools in Italy, UK and Canada.

The double learning method


Our classes are based on the double learning method. This means we teach Italian in combination with other subjects. This way, you will learn Italian while learning about cooking, or reading a transcript of a film you'll be watching, or role playing supported by cue cards.  

Our Mission


We take an all round approach to divulge Italian language, Italian culture and Italian beauty.

We devise new ways of teaching Italian classes in Toronto with a view of turning your learning into a memorable experience.  

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