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Away from the trendy routes of the majors, away from tourist traps and standardized food, our tours are all about discovering the authentic  story of Italy, its food, its people. 

OUR tours

Pompeii, Naples and Positano Tour


8 rich days exploring sun-blessed places seeping history and beauty at every corner, discovering food so flavorsome your taste buds won't forget.

The EATalian Tour


A foodie heaven 8 day tour in Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche, taking you every night to a  food event steeped in the millennial cooking tradition of Italy. 

The Healing Wine Tour - Le Langhe


A soul-healing 8 day tour, in one of the most overlooked areas of Italy; in the land of wine tasting, superb food and her majesty the white truffle.

pompeii, Naples, capri, sorrento tour

September 14th - 21th - 7 nights and 8 days touring Pompeii, Paestum, Naples and the Amalfi coast

Discover places and restaurants foreign tourists have hardly set foot in. In our week-long trip you'll be visiting  Pompeii, Naples, Paestum, and the Amalfi coast. Using the Hotel Villa dei Misteri as a base, this tour will take you off the beaten track - away from mass tourism and eating homey food at every meal.

Tour the ruins of Pompeii with Francesco who, as a boy, used them as a playground. 

Francesco will also introduce you to traditional Neapolitan food: the panuozzo and pizza al metro. You'll eat in some of the most amazing restaurants in the area: a restaurant hidden on the coast near Positano (accessible only by boat); Brandi pizzeria in Naples, the birthplace of the margherita pizza. 


Single supplement - $250


September 14th - 21th

Meet - Railway Station, Stazione Centrale of Naples

What's included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals - breakfasts, 3 course lunches and dinners 
  • Private Minibus for all transportation 
  • Ferryboat and train fares
  • Guided excursions and tour sites
  • Italian lessons

What's not included 

  • Aerial  time
  • Wine
  • Hotel extras
  • Anything not specified as included


Sept 15 - Day 1 - Arrivo

Plan to arrive at the Hotel Villa dei Misteri by the early afternoon. The hotel will serve as our base camp. We'll present the program for the week, and head out for a meter-long pizza for dinner. 

Sept 16 -Day 2 - Pompeii and Ruins

A day exploring the town of Pompei and the ruins.  We'll be meandering the streets of Pompeii, visiting the gory amphitheatre, the spectacular "teatro grande" and "teatro piccolo" - the big and small theater.  Dinner will take us to the "chioschi", nestled between a shipyard and a seaport - no tourist has ever set foot in this place!   

Sept 17- Day 3 - Sorrento and Capri

We'll be taking the a train to reach Sorrento (20 min trip from hotel). In the morning, we'll explore Sorrento's nooks and crannies, shops and restaurants. Our morning will end at the Salumeria Apreda (a traditional delicatessen) where we will be making a traditional packed lunch. We'll then take a ferry to visit the island of Capri and Villa di Tiberio. In the evening we'll head back to Sorrento to eat at the Cantinaccio del Popolo.

Sept 18 - Day 4 - Positano - Sant'Agata - Nerano

We'll head to Positano and spend some time exploring it before taking a boat to reach a restaurant hidden on Amalfi coast. After lunch, we're off to Sant'Agata dei due Golfi, a mountain which overlooks the golf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Dinner will be in Nerano, an idyllic little fishing village on the Sorrento coast.

Sept 19 - Day 5 - Paestum - Vietri sul Mare

Today we go to Paestum via mini-bus where we'll explore the three amazingly well-preserved Greek temples.  The area is renowned for buffalo rearing and for their buffalo mozzarella so we'll also learn the ins and outs of mozzarella making -  with some tasting along the way. Dinner is in Vietri - a town famous for their homemade glass.

Sept 20 - Day 6 - Naples

We'll explore Napoli by visiting the mystical Cappella di San Severo; the spectacular Monastero di Santa Chiara Cloister; the severe Angioin Castle and  the lavish Royal Palace - see pics below. We'll be eating at the restaurant where Pizza Margherita was born -  Pizzeria Brandi and we'll have a coffe at the famous Caffe' Gambrinus. We'll end the day with a dinner at Rossiello, a restaurant in Marechiaro.

Sept 21 - Day 7 - Vesuvius - Vico Equense

You'll be walking on the scorched path running around the crater of Vesuvius. The location offers an incredible view of the Bay of Naples. Dinner will be at Mustafa' on a patio by the sea on the Sorrento Coast.

Sept 22- Day 8 - Partenza

We'll have breakfast together and a final lesson by the swimming pool. We can arrange transportation to the airport or railway station for you. Buon viaggio!


Mustafa', Vico Equense

Mustafa' restaurant on Sorrento coast

Mustafa' restaurant has a patio overlooking the gulf of Naples. Its most popular dish is linguine all'astice.

Caupona, Pompeii


The restaurant Caupona  is all about ancient Pompeii - its rooms, its furniture, and its recipes are a tribute to the  ancient Roman times.

Brandi, Naples


Brandi is a pizzeria were the very first pizza margherita was created. It is located in the beating heart of Naples.

Da Adolfo, Positano


Da Adolfo is a restaurant nestled on the Amalfi Coast and can only be reached by boat. 

La cantinaccia del popolo, Sorrento


This is a family-run restaurant with fantastic traditional recipes such as  gnocchi alla sorrentina.

I Chioschi, Castellammare


At the Chioschi expect the unexpected - crowd, hagglers, acrobats and the best octopus ever. 

Mozzarella making tour in Paestum

Masseria Caseificio Lupata Tenuta Vannulo

You cannot leave Paestum without a “Mozzarella experience”. You are welcome to visit an estate and see the different phases of artisan mozzarella production.

The name mozzarella comes from the Italian word “mozzare” meaning to cut off. You will assist at the “mozzatura”,  which is still entirely made by hand, in line with the scrupulous  hygienic regulations. The milk used for the whole range of products  comes solely from the farm, all products are produced on the premises  and sold exclusively in the shop set inside the estate that you will  visit.


An ancient City founded around the end of the 7th century BC, originally known as Poseidonia, Paestum  is one of the most important and fascinating Italian Archeological  sites. Forgotten for many Centuries and only rediscovered in the XVI  century, Paestum was expanded with the building of roads, temples and  other features of a growing city. The main features of the site today  are the standing remains of three major temples in Doric style, dating from the first half of the 6th century BC dedicated to Hera and Athena


A Foodie Heaven 8 Day Tour

A Foodie Heaven 8 Day Tour in Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche

  • Eat at a different food event every night.  (Read more about food festivals in Italy)
  • Stay in a Villa in the stunning Italian countryside. 
  • Guided tours to Florence, Spoleto, Orvieto, Perugia, Siena, Lucca and Rome
  • Transport from and to Fiumicino airport in Rome
  • Group of 8 people max

Italian sagre (read food festivals) put you in touch with the best culinary  traditions of Italy taking you to outdoor, festive banquets that put to  shame mass-tourism food.

If there is a gosh-I-am-so-lucky-to-be-here type of food event, this certainly is a sagra in Italy. 

The word sagra speaks for itself, as it means feast and blessing of local produce. In  fact Italian sagre are more than just food festivals. They are a way to  put you in touch with the heart of Italy and with food that will quieten  any storms in your heart.

Seasonal, local food only

At  their best they see an entire, rural, medieval village involved in  making genuinely local food, showcasing local produce, traditions,  re-enactments and music. Italian sagre are must-go events because they  shy away from busy, modern cities. They thrive instead where  authentic  Italian food thrives: in the tiny medieval hamlets, villages and small  towns scattered across the country; among communities that have  preserved Italian culinary heritage to this day. 


2020 Dates




Fiumicino Airport, Rome

What's included

  • Private Minibus with all transportation
  •  7-night accommodations in a gorgeous villa in Umbria  
  •  All breakfasts  
  • Food Festivals Entry Fees*
  • Italian conversations
  • Guided Tours

What's not included

  • Air Travel
  • Meals
  • Anything not specified as included

The Villa where You'll Be Staying


some of the food festivals

Palio di Castelli, San Severino

Palio dei Castelli, San Severino, Marche

The Palio dei Castelli at San Severino starts at the beginning of June and has archers, horsemen, and delightful food swirling around the streets of this enchanting town.

 Italian sagre put you in touch with the best culinary traditions of Italy taking you to outdoor, festive banquets that put a smile on your face for long time.

If there is a gosh-I-am-so-lucky-to-be-here type of food event, this certainly is a sagra in Italy. The word sagra speaks for itself, as it means feast and blessing of local produce. In fact Italian sagre are more than just food festivals. They are a way to put you in touch with the heart of Italy and with food that will quieten any storms in your heart.


Il Ducato in un Bicchiere, Camerino, Le Marche

Le Marche is a region of superlative wines as well. There are many types of vines, but the queen of the region is verdicchio bianco. Like in many other areas in Italy, farmers here tend to form wine cooperatives to preserve the quality and the standards of their wine.  At  the little town Camerino many wine cooperatives bring their best whites and reds to the festival Il Ducato in un bicchiere. 


Piacere Barbecue, Perugia, Umbria

No doubt the city’s line-up of events here is staggering.  But if there  is a festival that has the stamp cool printed all over it, this is  Piacere Barbecue. It is held in mid June and for two weeks it gives you a  field filled with dozens of grills, roasters and barbecues on which you  get to barbecue your own food. An before that, you also have the chance to take a class to learn how to do it properly.


Festa dei Bringoli, Anghiari, Tuscany

The bringoli are a type of pasta typically made in this town. In November the sensational town of Anghiari plays hosts of this incredible festival in a heart-warming way. Tables are laid in the main piazza and its surrounding alleys and delicious food is served all night. 

Festa dei Bringli at Anghiari, Tuscany

Festa dei bringoli at Anghiari, Tuscany. 

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