Italian Conversation Gym


A New Type of Italian Class

Italian Conversation Gym is a highly effective method that structures your conversations with numbered and progressive cue cards that will engage you in real life talks  

Learn conversational topics

You will be put in situational scenarios.

 Here is how it works - a six learner class is paired up into three teams. We will give you a set of numbered conversational cue cards and at first we will guide you through them. 

Then the conversation workouts can start. One at a time, each team will have two separate conversations on a real life situation, say, asking for directions. The first time aided by the cards, the second time without the cue cards. Once your first work out is over. you’ll move on to tackle your second set of cue cards. 

This way the gym has started and you get to talk and listen to the same topic over and over again. 

Cue cards, repetition and competition

Each lesson will deal with a conversational topic that will be repeated many times by groups of learners competing against each other. 

Starting date coming up

Wednesdays 6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m.

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