Beginners 1&2


Beginners (a)- 11 classes -

Mon/March 9th - 7:00 pm - Bay and Charles

You don't need any prior knowledge of Italian to take this course, just a love of the language. 

You will learn genre and number, verb to be and to have, articles and basic verbs. 

Beginners (b) - 11 classes - (One place left)

Wed, March 4th 6:30 pm - Bay and Charles. ONE SPOT LEFT

Drawing on what you learned in Beginners 1 You will expand on your vocabulary and your knowledge of verbs. You will learn about potere dovere e volere, possessives, adjectives and simple prepositions.  You will also learn about the simple past, reflexives verbs and direct object pronouns. 

Courses outcome

By the end of these courses you will have learned the structure and vocabulary allowing you to introduce yourself, make reservation for tables and hotel rooms, and have conversations to get by in basic everyday life situations.  

Location 1: Bay and Charles, Toronto

Location 2: Bloor and Church, Toronto

Price List

*Fees to be paid prior to the beginning of classes